Thursday, 16 November 2017

Minor Project: Mr Polo Continuing Design

Fig 1: The Two Designs that were most popular from the Second Character Concept Post

From the feedback provided for my previous post about Mr Polo, these two designs were the most popular, however I got feedback in that while these two concepts are the most successful in understanding the description given for him, they still weren't that creepy or monstrous. 

From being giving this feedback I went back and looked at how could I make this character look scary while keeping the round features that were key to the character. I looked at some Popeye the Sailor cartoons featuring the character Wimpy, one of my influences for this character and found that in the short movie "Shiver Me Timbers" that Wimpy's eyes open when scared which is in some way a bit disturbing. How skeletons and ghosts are portrayed in 1930's cartoons also picked my fancy due to how the "eyes" on those characters appear to be empty by how they apply black to the circle of the eye, similar to shading the end of a cylinder at a 3/4 view. 

Fig 2: Characters that helped influence the creepiness in Mr Polo
(Wimpy from Popeye the Sailor (Image from the animation "Shiver Me Timbers" 1934), Skeleton from the Tom & Jerry animation "Wot a Night", 1931, and a ghost from the game Cuphead)

With these ideas I got to making some designs, based on the 2 original designs from the previous post, and started to mess around with this idea of empty eye sockets and just complete large black eyes in general and seeing how they look with the character. I feel like number 2 I was more happy to play around with his body but I also like number 4 for the fact that only certain expressions would show that concept off however my only concern would be about how expression would he be to allow him to show emotions like surprise or anger to allow for his eyes to show fully? 

Fig 3: Continuation of the Designs including Addition Notations

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Minor Project: Mr Polo Character Concept 2

Fig 1: Mr Polo Character Concepts
I went over my designs for Mr Polo from the previous post and attempted to incorporated clothing to his design. Based on his description on being wrapped up in wool and the part of how he seemed to glide instead of walk, I experimented with some ideas that would incorporate those features. I still think that he needs more work to be creepy but I feel like number 3 and 8 are more on the way to be creepy. While 6, suits the style a little better then the others but he doesn't entirely suit the characteristic I was given. However I feel as though his body shape is one that I would like to explore further upon.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Minor Project: Mr Polo Character Concept- Body Types

I'm still in the process of thinking about what clothes to give Mr Polo, so here are a series of concepts depicting different body types. I think that in the final design his feet wouldn't be shown, to help in visualizing the idea of how he looked like he glided along instead of actually walked, however feet have been drawn here to help in understanding what body shape feel more suited to his character. It was hard making him look monstrous as he was described as being round and baby-like but I feel as though I made some progress in capturing some sense of creepiness from some of the facial expressions in some of the design concepts.

Minor Project: O'Barney Character Concept

Fig 1: O'Barney Character Concepts
For O' Barney I want to go for a large character with a big upper half and and smaller lower half. While I feel as though I have achieved what I was going for, I think that I could of worked on more diversity on the types of body to prevent it from looking samey. However I think that facial expression wise I think that I have been able to achieve different looks in most of the designs, each showing different personalities related to the description given to me of O'Barney's character.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Minor Project: Character Concepts- Mr Plimsoll 2

Fig 1: Mr Plimsoll's Concept Art
In response to the feedback I was given in my earlier Mr Plimsoll's concept art post, I went over the design for Mr Plimsoll, the main goal in making him look sinister which was something That I lacked in the older post. I also played around with one body in the other post of him having a hunched back and played with how extreme I could get it to be. I feel like my knowledge of the period of animation style that I am trying to go for has improved from the past post and I think that I have a better understanding of how far you can take characters when drawing in this style.

Minor Project: Character Influences

Here are three influence maps for the three bogeymen that I would like to focus on for this project:

Fig 1: Mr Plimsoll's Influence Map
For Mr. Plimsoll I first looked at examples of old men in 1930's cartoon, such as the titular character from the Betty Boop animated short "The Old Man of the Mountain" and Miser from "Little Dutch Mill". From there I looked at examples of both old men and long legs from other sources. As one of the key features of Mr. Plimsoll is his long legs and large feet I look at birds such as cranes and the shoebill stork. This was because they have the delicate long legs that look creepy as well as the ratio of body to leg is what I am trying to achieve with the character. As well as this I looked at snapping turtles as well for the way they extend there neck is similar to a person with a hunched back, which fits into the description I was given about Mr Plimsolls. In general what I was looking for as influence for this character was a lanky build,  which is why characters like Olive Oyl and Jack Skellington as examples, as well as old characters or extreme facial expressions that fit with who Mr Plimsolls is as a Bogeyman character.

Fig 2: O'Barney's Influence Map
O'Barney's influences are mainly revolving around large characters with big torsos and small legs. As the one thing I got from his story was the fact that he was violent and did a number of violent acts such as punch through a front door i felt that it was appropriate to assume that his arms would be big, like a gorilla. There are quite a lot of examples of large characters present in early cartoons including Pete from "Steam Boat Willie", Fearless Fred from the Betty Boop series of animations, Bluto from the Popeye series and others. I didn't so rely on other sources for O'Barney due to the this type of character being rather prevalent in this period of animation however I did have a look into later examples such as the genie boss, Dijimmi the Great, and the pirate boss, Captain Brineybeard from the 2017 game Cuphead, a game that is heavily influence by this style of animation. As well as that example I also looked at big animals such as bears and gorilla for influence on how to exaggerate O'Barney's features.  

Fig 3: Mr Polo's Influence Map
The Influences for Mr Polo mainly revolved around him looking round and soft like a baby despite being an adult. Looking at 1930s cartoons, I was trying to find characters that had a bald circular design, such as Grampy from Betty Boop, The Goon and Wimpy from The Popeye Series of animations, Porky Pig from Looney Tunes was also featured for his circular childish characteristic and also Dr Dekapan from Osomatsu-kun was included for his body shape. Also due to his affiliation with plants in his description I also looked at plants and mushrooms that have a dome like appearance. I looked into aquatic creatures like the blobfish and jellyfish for a similar reason. I also looked at Wooden and China Dolls because I want to give Mr Polo a sense of the uncanny and I feel like Dolls allow for that.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Minor Project: Sketchbook Concepts

Fig 1: Life Drawing Clown

Fig 2: Mr Plimsolls

Fig 3: Mr Plimsolls 2

Fig 4: O' Barney 

Fig 6: Additional Sketches

 Some sketches in my sketchbook for some of the bogeyman characters I am creating, still trying to figure out the 1930's rubberhose style and I've been looking around for individual characters and cartoons to help in influencing the character designs for individual bogeymen.