Thursday, 7 December 2017

Minor project: O'Barney Continuing Design

Fig 1: Continuing Designs for O'Barney by Exploring Body Types
Here are some more concepts for O'Barney, coming off from the Interim Crit where admittedly he was my least thought out design of the three bogeymen characters I went and re-evaluated his design and played with some body types, as well as some raincoat and macintosh designs from around the 1980's which is the time when Matthew, the person I got the description of O'Barney, would of been a child. While i liked the idea of him having a blank stare I felt like that restricted the character a little so while I kept the round eyes I made him look more angry and threatening.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Minor Project: Mr Plimsoll Modelling and Updated Orthographs

Fig 1: Model Before the Addition to the Orthographs

As I was in the process of modelling the head for the character of Mr Plimsolls I ran into some issues as to how to model the top of his head as I didn't feature it in my orthographs, having him wear his hat instead. This cause me some problems in understanding the head and where to put vertices so I went back and updated the orthographs to show potentially how the head would look under the hat.
Fig 2: An Update to the Orthograph
The addition is pretty basic but because I don't plan on showing the character without his hat I thought that keeping it simple was the way to go. Also I realise that the character also doesn't have a well rounded back to his skull, it lands a little short of the mark, this seems to be a common mistake I do as it also happened in the previous project I did in regards to 3D modelling and it is something that I would have to work on in future.

Fig 3: Model After the Addition to the Orthograph

 Overall I feel like the addition I made to the orthographs helped in increasing my understanding of the character in a 3D space, it does feel better having an idea of where the skull could be laid out under the hat rather then guessing. There are some things about this model that I am nervous about, like the protruding cheeks, the nose and the mouth, I feel more confident and positive in going about it.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Minor Project: Mr Polo Final Design and Orthographs

Fig 1: Finalised Design for Mr Polo

Fig 2: Head Orthographs
Fig 3: Body Orthographs

Fig 4: Additional notes for Mr Polo's Scarf
This is my finalised design for the character of Mr Polo for my Project. His design is significantly simple in comparison to Mr Plimsoll, he doesn't have visible legs, something that would be a challenge to create in 3D, however due to the description on the character mentioning how he appears to "glide along" I felt like it was a direction suitable to the character. Although, as I go about the modelling process, I might widen the end of his coat slightly just to allow for minor leg motion when it comes to rigging. As well as this I wasn't sure if I should include a mouth on him or not, considering his face is mostly covered with his jumper and scarf I didn't think it would be too necessary to include one. However if I do end up giving him a mouth I would probably add it in 2D as a time saver instead of modelling a mouth that would barely be seen.

My main concerns over modelling this character mainly revolves around how to model his eyes and the process of making his scarf despite the fact that I was able to make one in my previous project.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Minor Project: Mr Polo Continuing Design

Fig 1: The Two Designs that were most popular from the Second Character Concept Post

From the feedback provided for my previous post about Mr Polo, these two designs were the most popular, however I got feedback in that while these two concepts are the most successful in understanding the description given for him, they still weren't that creepy or monstrous. 

From being giving this feedback I went back and looked at how could I make this character look scary while keeping the round features that were key to the character. I looked at some Popeye the Sailor cartoons featuring the character Wimpy, one of my influences for this character and found that in the short movie "Shiver Me Timbers" that Wimpy's eyes open when scared which is in some way a bit disturbing. How skeletons and ghosts are portrayed in 1930's cartoons also picked my fancy due to how the "eyes" on those characters appear to be empty by how they apply black to the circle of the eye, similar to shading the end of a cylinder at a 3/4 view. 

Fig 2: Characters that helped influence the creepiness in Mr Polo
(Wimpy from Popeye the Sailor (Image from the animation "Shiver Me Timbers" 1934), Skeleton from the Tom & Jerry animation "Wot a Night", 1931, and a ghost from the game Cuphead)

With these ideas I got to making some designs, based on the 2 original designs from the previous post, and started to mess around with this idea of empty eye sockets and just complete large black eyes in general and seeing how they look with the character. I feel like number 2 I was more happy to play around with his body but I also like number 4 for the fact that only certain expressions would show that concept off however my only concern would be about how expression would he be to allow him to show emotions like surprise or anger to allow for his eyes to show fully? 

Fig 3: Continuation of the Designs including Addition Notations

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Minor Project: Mr Polo Character Concept 2

Fig 1: Mr Polo Character Concepts
I went over my designs for Mr Polo from the previous post and attempted to incorporated clothing to his design. Based on his description on being wrapped up in wool and the part of how he seemed to glide instead of walk, I experimented with some ideas that would incorporate those features. I still think that he needs more work to be creepy but I feel like number 3 and 8 are more on the way to be creepy. While 6, suits the style a little better then the others but he doesn't entirely suit the characteristic I was given. However I feel as though his body shape is one that I would like to explore further upon.